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1. A quiver is a container used to hold arrows, crossbow bolts, or darts.

2. The term "quiver" can also be used figuratively to refer to a storage location for tools or weapons.

3. The word "quiver" can also be an adjective meaning nimble or active, and as a verb, it means to shake or move with slight trembling motion.

Article analysis:

The article titled "quiver" on Wiktionary provides information about the word "quiver" in English, including its pronunciation, etymology, definitions, and translations. The article is divided into three sections: Pronunciation, Etymology 1, Etymology 2.

In terms of potential biases, the article appears to be objective and neutral. It provides multiple pronunciations for different English accents and dialects. The etymologies are sourced from reputable dictionaries and linguistic references. However, it is important to note that biases can be subtle and may not always be apparent in a short dictionary entry like this.

One-sided reporting or unsupported claims are not present in this article since it mainly focuses on providing factual information about the word "quiver." It does not make any controversial or subjective claims that require evidence or counterarguments.

Missing points of consideration or missing evidence for claims made are not applicable in this case as the article simply defines and explains the word "quiver" without making any specific claims that require further evidence or consideration.

Promotional content, partiality, or unexplored counterarguments are also not relevant here since the article is a dictionary entry rather than an opinion piece or argumentative text.

Possible risks related to the word "quiver" are not noted in this article because it primarily serves as a linguistic reference rather than discussing potential risks associated with quivers themselves.

Not presenting both sides equally is not applicable here since there are no opposing viewpoints or arguments related to the definition of "quiver."

Overall, the article on Wiktionary titled "quiver" appears to be a straightforward and unbiased source of information about the word's pronunciation, etymology, definitions, and translations.