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1. The article provides an analysis of the trading logic for various commodities, including steel, coal, palm oil, apples, nickel, gold, crude oil and glass.

2. It outlines the risks and key events to watch out for in each commodity market.

3. The article also includes a disclaimer about the accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides detailed analysis of various commodities markets with insights on potential risks and key events to watch out for. The sources of information are clearly stated as coming from multiple futures companies’ research reports. Furthermore, a disclaimer is included at the end of the article warning readers that no guarantee is made regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

However, there are some potential biases in the article which should be noted. Firstly, it does not provide any counterarguments or explore alternative perspectives on any of its claims or predictions. Secondly, it does not provide any evidence to support its claims or predictions beyond citing research reports from futures companies which may have their own biases and agendas when conducting research. Thirdly, while it does include a disclaimer about accuracy and completeness of information provided, it does not mention any possible risks associated with investing in these commodities markets which could be beneficial for readers to know before making decisions based on this information. Finally, while it does provide an overview of different commodities markets, it does not present both sides equally as all its insights are focused on predicting positive outcomes rather than negative ones which could lead to a one-sided view being presented to readers.