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1. The peer-review process is an important part of academic writing, as it allows for articles to be reviewed and critiqued by qualified scholars in the field.

2. Reviewing others' work can help to see one's own work from a different perspective.

3. SafeAssign provides unlimited attempts to upload original posts, allowing for corrections to be made before submitting the final version.

Article analysis:

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the peer-review process prior to publication in an academic journal, and how it helps to ensure that articles are up to standard in terms of content and style. The article also explains how reviewing others' work can help one better understand their own work from a reviewer's perspective. Furthermore, the article outlines how SafeAssign can be used to submit original posts with unlimited attempts for corrections before submitting the final version.

In terms of trustworthiness and reliability, there are no apparent biases or one-sided reporting present in the article, as it provides an objective overview of the peer-review process and its importance in scholarly research. All claims made are supported by evidence, and all points of consideration are explored thoroughly. There is no promotional content or partiality present in the article either, nor any risks that have been overlooked or not noted. The article presents both sides equally, providing a balanced view on the topic at hand. Therefore, overall this article is trustworthy and reliable in its presentation of information regarding the peer-review process prior to publication in an academic journal.