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1. A workshop was held to discuss the need for a scientific strategy to promote a regional ecosystem-based approach to fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

2. The group discussed worldwide initiatives towards EAF and identified the involvement of stakeholders as a key factor in successful initiatives.

3. The group identified the need for a clear and strong common regional scientific vision on what marine ecosystems in the region should be, according to specific criteria, in order to advance the application of EAF.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the need for a coordinated scientific strategy to promote ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The workshop reviewed various initiatives, case studies, and methods that could contribute to EAF in the region. However, the article has some potential biases and missing points of consideration.

One-sided reporting is evident in the article's emphasis on the importance of science in promoting EAF while downplaying stakeholder involvement. While relevant science is essential, successful initiatives worldwide have shown that stakeholder engagement throughout the process is crucial. The article also fails to explore counterarguments against EAF, such as its potential negative impacts on small-scale fishers.

The article promotes certain initiatives without providing evidence for their effectiveness or considering their potential risks. For example, it mentions global modeling initiatives and scenario building but does not discuss their limitations or potential biases. It also highlights ecological indicators and ecosystem assessments without acknowledging their subjectivity and limitations.

The article lacks a comprehensive analysis of socioeconomic factors that affect EAF implementation in the Mediterranean and Black Seas region. It briefly mentions South Africa as having similarities with the region but does not provide a detailed comparison of socioeconomic realities between regions.

Overall, while the article provides useful insights into promoting EAF in the Mediterranean and Black Seas region, it has some biases and missing points of consideration that limit its comprehensiveness.