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1. This article presents the experimental observation of multiple higher-order extensible topological states in acoustic systems.

2. The higher-order extensible topological states are induced by the Jackiw-Rebbi mechanism and are protected by band topology.

3. The pressure fields of the higher-order extensible topological states are localized within a certain range of the vertical direction, rather than at a corner, and decay exponentially in the horizontal direction.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy, as it provides evidence for its claims through theoretical simulations and experiments. The authors have also provided detailed descriptions of their methods and results, which makes it easier to evaluate their findings. Furthermore, they have discussed potential risks associated with their research, such as limited sample size due to fabrication constraints.

However, there are some points that could be improved upon in terms of trustworthiness and reliability. For example, the authors do not provide any counterarguments or explore alternative explanations for their findings. Additionally, they do not discuss any potential biases or sources of error that may have affected their results. Finally, while they provide evidence for their claims, they do not present both sides equally or explore all possible implications of their research.