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Step-By-Step Surgery - Medical Design and Outsourcing
Source: medicaldesignandoutsourcing.com
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1. ExplORer Surgical is a startup that has developed software to improve efficiency and coordination in operating rooms.

2. The software provides step-by-step instructions and equipment cues for every procedure, reducing waste and saving money.

3. The app also collects data about surgeries, which could potentially be used to develop predictive tools for surgeons and improve patient outcomes.

Article analysis:

The article discusses a startup called ExplORer Surgical that has developed software to improve efficiency and coordination in operating rooms (ORs). The author highlights the potential benefits of the software, such as reducing waste and improving patient outcomes. However, there are several areas where the article could be improved.

Firstly, the article lacks a critical analysis of the claims made by ExplORer Surgical. While it mentions that the company conducted a study showing a 95% reduction in waste, it does not provide any details about the methodology or sample size of the study. Without this information, it is difficult to assess the validity of the claim.

Additionally, the article does not explore any potential risks or drawbacks of using the software. For example, there may be concerns about data privacy and security if sensitive patient information is being collected and stored by the app. It would have been helpful for the article to address these concerns and discuss how ExplORer Surgical addresses them.

Furthermore, there is a lack of evidence provided to support some of the claims made in the article. For instance, it states that OR waste costs about $1.5 trillion in the US, but no source or citation is provided for this figure. Similarly, it mentions that cognitive disruption can take 20 minutes to recover from but does not provide any research or studies to support this claim.

The article also appears to be promotional in nature, as it focuses primarily on highlighting the benefits and success of ExplORer Surgical's software without providing a balanced view. There is no mention of any potential competitors or alternative solutions in the market.

Overall, while the article provides an overview of ExplORer Surgical's software and its potential benefits, it lacks critical analysis and supporting evidence for many of its claims. It would have been more informative to include a discussion of potential risks and drawbacks associated with using such technology in ORs. Additionally, presenting a more balanced view by including information about competitors or alternative solutions would have made the article more comprehensive.