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1. Netflix raised subscription prices in the US, UK, and France but still exceeded expectations by adding almost 9 million subscribers in the third quarter.

2. The streaming giant's success was attributed to its investment in global content, such as the adaptation of the Japanese manga series "One Piece," and licensing popular TV shows like "Suits" and "Band of Brothers."

3. Despite ongoing strikes by Hollywood actors, Netflix remains committed to resolving the labor tensions and reported its strongest quarterly growth since the early days of the pandemic.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Netflix raises prices and adds subscribers, despite strikes" from The Star provides an overview of Netflix's recent price increases and subscriber growth. While the article presents some factual information, there are several areas where critical analysis is needed to evaluate its content.

One potential bias in the article is the lack of discussion about the impact of the strikes on Netflix's operations. The article mentions that Hollywood labor tensions shut down a large portion of U.S. production but fails to explore how this might affect Netflix's ability to produce new content or attract subscribers. It only briefly mentions that actors remain on strike without providing any context or details about their demands.

Additionally, the article highlights Netflix's strong performance and surpassing of Wall Street analysts' forecasts for new customers without critically examining the reasons behind this success. It attributes the growth to Netflix's investment in stories with local resonance and its ability to manage production interruptions during COVID-19. However, it does not consider other factors such as increased demand for streaming services during lockdowns or competition from other streaming platforms.

The article also includes unsupported claims, such as stating that Netflix's recent crackdown on password sharing contributed to its growth. While this may be a contributing factor, there is no evidence provided to support this claim.

Furthermore, the article lacks exploration of potential risks or challenges facing Netflix. It briefly mentions that actors are on strike but does not discuss how this could impact future content production or subscriber growth. It also fails to address potential challenges from competitors or changing consumer preferences in the streaming industry.

In terms of promotional content, the article highlights specific shows like "One Piece," "Suits," and "Band of Brothers" as examples of Netflix's success without providing a balanced view of its overall programming selection. This could create a biased perception of Netflix's offerings.

Overall, while the article provides some factual information about Netflix's price increases and subscriber growth, it lacks critical analysis and explores only one side of the story. It fails to address potential risks and challenges, includes unsupported claims, and presents a biased view of Netflix's success.