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1. The “Amalgam Jesus” idea is a half-way position between accepting that the Christian figure is based on later stories told about a historical man and full Jesus Mythicism.

2. When asked what evidence they are basing this assessment on, proponents of the “Amalgam Jesus” idea generally either just repeat their assertion or fall totally silent.

3. Recently, L. Aron Nelson (a.k.a “Aron Ra”) has tried to make a case for something like the “Amalgam Jesus” idea, but his argument is based on a mix of accurate information, total misconceptions, unwarranted leaps of logic and wrongheaded conclusions.

Article analysis:

This article provides an analysis of the "Amalgam Jesus" idea - that there may be some historical basis for Jesus, but he was not one single person but an amalgamation of many different figures from the time - and its proponents' lack of evidence-based argumentation to back it up. The author argues that this stance seems to be more based on emotion than reason and cites L. Aron Nelson (a.k.a "Aron Ra") as an example of someone who has tried to make a case for this idea without providing any real evidence or analysis to back it up. The author notes that Nelson's argument is based on outdated ideas and amateur loons and lacks any real understanding of history or historicity in general. Furthermore, the article points out that Nelson's source material is unreliable and does not present both sides equally or explore counterarguments in any meaningful way, making it difficult to trust his claims or take them seriously as anything other than speculation or opinion rather than fact-based analysis. In conclusion, this article provides an interesting insight into the lack of evidence-based argumentation behind the "Amalgam Jesus" idea and highlights how unreliable sources can lead to inaccurate conclusions being drawn about history and historicity in general.