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1. AMD and Nvidia are both competing in the GPU market, but AMD is not providing enough competition to challenge Nvidia's dominance.

2. People are buying 4080s because AMD does not offer any advantages over Nvidia in terms of price or features.

3. Raytracing is still not widely used, and it will be a while before it becomes mainstream due to the limitations of consoles.

Article analysis:

The article provides an interesting perspective on the current state of the GPU market, with AMD and Nvidia competing for market share. The author makes some valid points about how AMD is not providing enough competition to challenge Nvidia's dominance, as people are buying 4080s because they do not see any advantages from AMD in terms of price or features. However, there are some issues with the article that make it less reliable and trustworthy.

First, the author does not provide any evidence to back up their claims about AMD's lack of competition or people buying 4080s instead of 7900 XTX cards from AMD. This makes it difficult to assess whether these claims are accurate or just speculation. Additionally, the author does not explore any counterarguments or consider other possible explanations for why people might be choosing 4080s over 7900 XTX cards from AMD.

Second, the article also fails to mention any potential risks associated with buying either card from either company. This could lead readers to make uninformed decisions without considering all factors involved in making a purchase decision. Finally, the article presents a one-sided view by only focusing on how AMD is failing to compete with Nvidia rather than exploring both sides equally and presenting a more balanced perspective on the situation.