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1. Gangstalking is conducted by law enforcement and Confidential Informants, with many people being used as informants at an unprecedented level.

2. The objective of the program is for informants to be the eyes and ears for Law Enforcement when they are not around, reporting suspicious behaviors.

3. To end gangstalking, individuals should maintain a full-time job, stay positive, not react to the stalking, and avoid acting suspicious in any way.

Article analysis:

The article on gangstalking and how to end it presents a one-sided perspective that is heavily biased towards the idea that gangstalking is primarily conducted by law enforcement and confidential informants. While it does acknowledge that some individuals may engage in harassment for personal reasons, it dismisses any notion of a larger conspiracy or involvement of other groups such as the Masons or Illuminati.

The article makes several unsupported claims, such as the assertion that individuals can be placed on a federal watchlist for simply visiting websites with viruses on them or being affiliated with the wrong people. There is no evidence provided to support these claims, and they are presented as facts without any critical analysis or exploration of alternative explanations.

Additionally, the article fails to consider potential risks associated with its proposed solution to end gangstalking, which involves maintaining a full-time job, staying positive, and not reacting to the stalking. This advice may not be feasible for all individuals who are experiencing gangstalking, especially if they are facing significant mental health challenges as a result of the harassment.

Furthermore, the article lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives on gangstalking. It presents a narrow view that focuses solely on law enforcement and confidential informants without considering other possible motivations or actors involved in this phenomenon.

Overall, the article appears to be promotional in nature, advocating for a specific approach to ending gangstalking without providing a comprehensive analysis of the issue. It lacks balance and objectivity in its reporting and fails to address key considerations and evidence needed to support its claims.