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1. WAGO, an international supplier of electrical interconnection and automation products, is hiring for two head of engineering positions in Germany.

2. The roles involve leading a team of 12 employees focused on sales and finance, analyzing and optimizing processes in S/4HANA Sales and Finance/Controlling, and coordinating with external consultants.

3. WAGO offers benefits such as a family-friendly work environment, active health management, and opportunities for mobile working.

Article analysis:

The article is a job posting for two head of engineering positions at the WAGO Group, an international supplier of electrical interconnection and automation products. The job description includes responsibilities such as leading a team of 12 employees in sales and finance, coaching and developing the team, analyzing and optimizing processes in S/4HANA Sales (SD) and Finance/Controlling (FICO), supporting and advising other departments on S/4HANA SD and FICO, coordinating external consultants, and managing international S/4HANA SD and FICO templates.

The article provides some information about the company's history, workforce, sales figures, products, locations, and global presence. However, it does not offer any critical analysis or evaluation of these aspects. It also does not mention any potential risks or challenges associated with the job or the company.

One potential bias in the article is its promotional tone towards the WAGO Group as an employer. The article highlights several benefits for employees such as a family-friendly culture, health management programs, retirement plans, and flexible work arrangements. While these may be attractive to job seekers, they do not necessarily reflect the actual working conditions or culture at the company. Moreover, the article does not provide any information about employee satisfaction rates or turnover rates.

Another potential bias is the lack of diversity in the job requirements. The article specifies that candidates should have a degree in (Wirtschafts-) Informatik or BWL (business administration), leadership experience in a similar role, SAP SD or FICO expertise including customizing skills, interface knowledge with other SAP modules, good English proficiency both written and spoken, and willingness to travel up to 10%. However, it does not mention any preferences for candidates from underrepresented groups or with diverse backgrounds.

Furthermore, the article does not address any ethical considerations related to the WAGO Group's business practices or social responsibility initiatives. It also does not provide any insights into how the company addresses environmental sustainability issues or supports local communities.

Overall, while this article provides some basic information about two job openings at a multinational company in Germany that specializes in electrical engineering products and services; it lacks critical analysis of important aspects such as employee satisfaction rates; diversity requirements; ethical considerations related to business practices; social responsibility initiatives; environmental sustainability issues; support for local communities; among others.