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1. A previously undocumented PowerShell backdoor has been discovered that disguises itself as part of a Windows update process.

2. The backdoor is attributed to an unknown, sophisticated threat actor who has targeted approximately 100 victims.

3. The attack chain involves a weaponized Microsoft Word document uploaded from Jordan in August 2022 and a LinkedIn-based spear-phishing attack.

Article analysis:

The article provides a detailed account of a new PowerShell backdoor that disguises itself as part of a Windows update process. The report is based on research conducted by SafeBreach, which has identified the malware and its associated command-and-control (C2) server. The article provides technical details about the malware's attack chain, including the use of a weaponized Microsoft Word document and LinkedIn-based spear-phishing attacks.

However, the article does not provide any evidence to support its claim that the malware is "fully undetectable." While it notes that 32 security vendors and 18 anti-malware engines flag the decoy document and PowerShell scripts as malicious, it does not explain how these detections were made or whether they are effective in detecting all instances of the malware.

The article also makes unsupported claims about the sophistication of the threat actor behind the malware. While it suggests that the actor is unknown and highly skilled, it provides no evidence to support this assertion. Similarly, while it notes that approximately 100 victims have been targeted by the malware, it does not provide any information about who these victims are or what data may have been compromised.

The article also fails to explore potential counterarguments or alternative explanations for the observed behavior of the malware. For example, it does not consider whether other actors may be using similar tactics or whether there may be other ways to detect or mitigate this type of attack.

Overall, while the article provides useful technical details about a new type of PowerShell backdoor, it lacks critical analysis and context that would help readers understand its significance and potential impact.