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1. Anghami, a streaming service, is partnering with Mubert to host over 200,000 AI-generated songs.

2. Mubert draws from human musicians and sound designers to create finished AI tracks.

3. Tencent Music Entertainment has already created over 1,000 tracks with AI vocals, one of which has been streamed over 100 million times.

Article analysis:

The article appears to be reliable in terms of the facts presented; however, it does not provide any evidence for the claims made or explore counterarguments. The article also does not present both sides of the issue equally; instead, it focuses on the potential risks posed by AI-generated music flooding streaming services without exploring potential benefits or solutions. Additionally, there is no mention of possible biases in the sources used or any promotional content included in the article. Furthermore, there is no discussion of possible risks associated with this technology or how it could affect artists and their livelihoods. In conclusion, while the article provides an interesting overview of the topic at hand, it fails to provide a balanced view and lacks evidence for its claims.