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Cloud Deployment Models
Source: guru99.com
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Article summary:

1. Cloud deployment models identify the specific type of cloud environment based on ownership, scale, access, and the cloud’s nature and purpose.

2. The four most important cloud deployment models are Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Community Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

3. When selecting a suitable cloud deployment model, companies should consider scalability, privacy and security, cost, ease of use, and legal compliance.

Article analysis:

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the different cloud deployment models, including their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. However, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration that need to be addressed.

One-sided reporting is evident in the section on common adoption issues for cloud, where only three issues are mentioned. While these are valid concerns, there are other adoption issues that should also be considered, such as vendor lock-in and data portability.

The article also lacks evidence to support some of its claims. For example, it states that data is highly likely to be leaked in a public cloud due to its multitenancy architecture. While this may be true in some cases, it is not necessarily a universal truth. The article could benefit from providing more evidence or examples to support its claims.

Another potential bias is the promotion of certain cloud deployment models over others. For instance, the article highlights the benefits of private clouds extensively while downplaying their drawbacks. It also fails to mention some potential risks associated with community clouds, such as security and segmentation challenges.

Moreover, the article does not present both sides equally when comparing different cloud deployment models. For example, it mentions that private clouds have very high data control but fails to acknowledge that public clouds can also provide high levels of data control through encryption and access controls.

Overall, while the article provides a useful overview of cloud deployment models, it could benefit from addressing potential biases and presenting a more balanced perspective on each model's advantages and disadvantages.