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1. Financial journalist and certified financial planner Robert Powell discusses the current investment environment, including the debate over whether the 60/40 portfolio is dead, and suggests diversifying further to accommodate potential market fluctuations.

2. Powell emphasizes the importance of generating retirement income and suggests adding assets that will fund necessary expenses, such as bonds or annuities.

3. In light of inflation concerns, Powell recommends shortening the bands on retirement income buckets to protect against both short-term and persistently higher inflation rates, but also notes that real spending tends to decline in retirement.

Article analysis:

The article features an interview with financial journalist and certified financial planner, Robert Powell, discussing various retirement planning topics. While the article covers a range of important issues, there are some potential biases and missing points of consideration.

One-sided reporting is evident in the discussion on the 60/40 portfolio. The article presents only one side of the argument, suggesting that the 60/40 portfolio is not dead but may need to be refined. However, there are valid arguments for why the 60/40 portfolio may no longer be effective in today's market environment. For example, interest rates have been low for an extended period, which has reduced bond yields and made it challenging to generate income from fixed-income investments.

Another potential bias is evident in the discussion on private equity and private credit instruments. While Powell suggests that these instruments are becoming more democratized and accessible to retail investors, he does not mention the risks associated with these investments. Private equity and private credit can be illiquid and carry higher fees than traditional investments.

The article also lacks evidence for some of its claims. For example, Powell suggests that retirees should think about how they will generate income in retirement and what kind of risk they want associated with that income. However, he does not provide any data or research to support this claim.

There are also missing points of consideration in the discussion on inflation protection. While Powell suggests shortening the bands on buckets as a way to protect against inflation, he does not mention other strategies such as investing in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) or real estate investment trusts (REITs), which can also provide inflation protection.

Overall, while the article covers important retirement planning topics, it could benefit from presenting both sides of arguments more equally and providing more evidence for its claims. Additionally, it would be helpful to explore counterarguments and potential risks associated with certain investment strategies.