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1. Boys dominated the top spots in mathematics and science subjects in the Higher School Certificate, while girls excelled in history, creative arts and languages.

2. 126 of the state’s highest-achieving students were recognised by the NSW Education Standards Authority for finishing first in their course.

3. 83 schools claimed 135 first-place awards for HSC courses in 2022, with public schools taking out 54 first-in-course places, 13 awards going to students from fully selective schools, 15 to Catholic schools and 59 to private schools.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides a comprehensive overview of the top HSC students in every course across New South Wales. It includes quotes from both Premier Dominic Perrottet and Education Minister Sarah Mitchell which adds credibility to the article as they are both authoritative figures within the education system. The article also provides detailed information about each student who achieved first place in their respective courses, including their school name and subject area which further adds to its reliability.

However, there are some potential biases present within the article that should be noted. Firstly, there is a lack of diversity among those mentioned as achieving first place in their courses; all of them are from high performing private or selective schools which could lead readers to believe that only students from these types of institutions can achieve such success. Additionally, there is no mention of any potential risks associated with achieving such high results or any advice given on how to manage stress during this period which could be beneficial for readers who may be feeling overwhelmed by their own studies or those of their children/students. Furthermore, there is no exploration of counterarguments or alternative perspectives which could provide a more balanced view on the topic at hand.

All in all, while this article is generally reliable and trustworthy due to its comprehensive overview of top HSC students across New South Wales, it does contain some potential biases that should be taken into consideration when reading it.