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1. The common misunderstandings of foreign language learning include the belief that a language environment and communication with foreigners is necessary, memorization is the key to learning a foreign language, pure pronunciation is necessary for correcting pronunciation, grammar proficiency leads to correct sentence construction, vocabulary memorization is difficult, and outdated English cannot be used in spoken English.

2. These beliefs are actually the opposite of what is true. A language environment does not guarantee fluency in a foreign language, memorization should not be relied on as the sole method of learning, imitating pure pronunciation does not necessarily lead to correct pronunciation, grammar proficiency does not guarantee correct sentence construction, vocabulary can be learned through context and usage rather than rote memorization, and outdated English can still be used in spoken English.

3. The key factors for success in learning a foreign language are method, desire, and self-discipline. Improving any one of these elements will accelerate progress towards fluency. Children's success in mastering their native language can provide insights into effective foreign language learning strategies. With correct learning strategies and ideal conditions, fluency in a foreign language can be achieved within 1000 hours of study.

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