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1. This article discusses the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and how U.S. policy can help avoid a long war.

2. The authors argue that a long war in Ukraine would be costly and risky for the U.S., and suggest four policy instruments to make an eventual negotiated end to the conflict more likely.

3. These policy instruments include clarifying plans for future support to Ukraine, making commitments to Ukraine's security, issuing assurances regarding the country's neutrality, and setting conditions for sanctions relief for Russia.

Article analysis:

The article is written by RAND Corporation, which is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. The article is well-researched and provides detailed information on the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict as well as potential solutions to avoid a long war. The authors provide evidence for their claims and present both sides of the argument fairly, making it a reliable source of information on this topic. However, there are some potential biases in the article that should be noted. For example, while the authors discuss potential solutions to avoid a long war, they do not explore any counterarguments or risks associated with these solutions. Additionally, while they provide evidence for their claims, they do not provide any evidence for possible risks associated with their proposed solutions or any counterarguments against them. Furthermore, while they present both sides of the argument fairly, they do not present both sides equally; instead they focus more heavily on presenting their own proposed solutions than exploring other options or counterarguments against them.