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1. Hu Xijin recently made a statement that the US military would not shoot down China's "drifting balloon".

2. Hu then wrote an article titled "Why the Pentagon chose not to shoot down China's 'drifting balloon'", citing the opinion of netizens that the US military "lacked the ability" to do so.

3. He further analyzed that while the US military had the capability, it was difficult to operate and not a simple task.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable in terms of its content, as it accurately reports Hu Xijin's statement and subsequent article about why the Pentagon chose not to shoot down China's "drifting balloon". However, there are some potential biases present in the article. Firstly, Hu Xijin is known for his pro-China stance, which could be reflected in his analysis of why the Pentagon chose not to shoot down China's "drifting balloon". Secondly, while Hu cites netizens' opinions on why the US military lacked the ability to do so, he does not provide any evidence or counterarguments for these claims. Additionally, there is no exploration of possible risks associated with shooting down such a balloon or any discussion of both sides being presented equally. As such, readers should take this article with a grain of salt and consider other sources before forming their own opinion on this matter.