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1. Labour is calling for Rishi Sunak to sack Nadhim Zahawi as Conservative Party chairman due to reports of a multi-million pound tax settlement.

2. Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner said Mr Zahawi's position was "untenable" and the prime minister must sack him.

3. The BBC has discovered that Balshore Investments was registered as a "beneficial owner" of a UK crowdfunding firm called crowd2Fund, but it is unclear who ultimately benefited from the shareholding prior to June 2022.

Article analysis:

The article in question is an example of one-sided reporting, as it focuses solely on the allegations against Nadhim Zahawi without providing any counterarguments or evidence to support his claims that he has paid all taxes owed in the UK. Additionally, there are some unsupported claims made in the article, such as the figure of £4.8m being paid back with a 30% penalty, which has not been verified by the BBC. Furthermore, there are some missing points of consideration in the article, such as whether or not Mr Zahawi had any involvement with Balshore Investments and what happened during the four year gap between when Balshore ceased to be a beneficial owner and when it was recorded that Mr Zahawi's parents were personally recorded as beneficial owners of Crowd2Fund.

The article also fails to present both sides equally, instead focusing solely on Labour's calls for Mr Zahawi's dismissal without providing any insight into why he may have been appointed Conservative Party Chairman in the first place or what his response has been to these allegations. Additionally, there is no mention of possible risks associated with this situation or any exploration into alternative perspectives on this issue.

In conclusion, while this article provides an overview of Labour's calls for Nadhim Zahawi's dismissal over tax claims, it does so without providing sufficient evidence or exploring alternative perspectives on this issue. As such, its trustworthiness and reliability should be questioned before taking its contents at face value.