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1. Unconnected iPhones purchased from Apple.com are unlocked and can be used with any network provider.

2. iCloud makes transferring data to a new iPhone seamless, and temporary storage is available if needed.

3. Apple Trade In allows customers to receive credit towards the purchase of their next iPhone by trading in their old device.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Buy iPhone 13 128GB Green - Apple (IN)" provides information on frequently asked questions related to purchasing and using an iPhone. While the article appears to be informative, it is biased towards promoting Apple products and services.

One-sided reporting is evident in the section that discusses iCloud backup. The article claims that moving data from one device to another using iCloud is seamless, but it fails to mention that users need to have enough iCloud storage space for the backup. It only briefly mentions that temporary storage may be granted free of charge, but this requires iOS 15, which is not available on all devices.

The article also promotes Apple Trade In as an easy way to get credit towards a new iPhone purchase. However, it does not mention any potential risks or drawbacks of trading in a device, such as the possibility of receiving a lower trade-in value than expected or losing personal data if the device is not wiped properly.

Additionally, the article lacks exploration of counterarguments or alternative options for transferring data or upgrading devices. For example, while it briefly mentions using the Move to iOS app when switching from Android, it does not provide any information on other methods for transferring data between devices.

Furthermore, the article's language and tone are promotional in nature. It repeatedly emphasizes the benefits of purchasing an unlocked iPhone from Apple.com and highlights features such as 5G capability without providing much context or explanation.

Overall, while the article provides some useful information for potential iPhone buyers, its biases towards promoting Apple products and services make it less objective and informative than it could be.