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1. Mn exposure inhibits autophagy in primary astrocytes: The study found that exposure to manganese (Mn) decreased the flux of autophagy in primary astrocyte cultures. This was observed through a decrease in the turnover of LC3-II, a marker of autophagic activity, and a decrease in cytosolic LC3 levels.

2. Dysregulation of TFEB contributes to autophagic failure: The researchers identified dysregulation of transcription factor EB (TFEB) as a contributing factor to the autophagic failure induced by Mn exposure. TFEB is involved in the regulation of lysosomal biogenesis and autophagy, and its dysregulation may impair the clearance of autophagic cargo.

3. Mn-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in astrocytes: The study also found that Mn exposure led to mitochondrial dysfunction in astrocytes. This was evidenced by changes in mitochondrial morphology and impaired co-localization between mitochondria and lysosomes. These findings suggest that Mn-induced autophagic failure may contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction in astrocytes.

Overall, this study highlights the role of dysregulated autophagy, specifically involving TFEB, in manganese-induced neurotoxicity and provides insights into the mechanisms underlying manganese-induced astrocyte dysfunction.

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