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1. Email banners are important for catching subscribers' attention and should be properly sized for both desktop and mobile screens.

2. The standard email banner size is 600 pixels wide, but the height can vary depending on the design and optimization for mobile.

3. There are various email banner styles to choose from, including color gradients, text-centric designs, people-focused designs, and product photography with minimal text. Best practices include using white space, readable fonts, high-quality images, and fitting color combinations.

Article analysis:

The article "Email Banner Size: What You Need to Know" provides a comprehensive guide on the importance of email banner size and its impact on email marketing. The article highlights the significance of email banners in attracting subscribers' attention and increasing click-through rates. However, the article has some potential biases and missing points of consideration.

One-sided Reporting

The article presents only one perspective on the importance of email banners in email marketing. It does not provide any counterarguments or alternative views that may exist. For instance, while the article emphasizes the importance of using high-quality images, it does not consider situations where text-only emails may be more effective for certain businesses.

Unsupported Claims

The article claims that emails containing three images or fewer tend to have higher click-through rates than image-heavy emails, citing data from Constant Contact. However, it does not provide any evidence to support this claim or explain why this might be the case.

Missing Points of Consideration

The article focuses primarily on the visual aspect of email banners but fails to address other important factors such as content relevance and personalization. While an eye-catching banner can attract subscribers' attention, irrelevant content or lack of personalization can lead to low engagement rates.

Promotional Content

The article promotes Snappa's design tools and templates without providing a disclaimer or disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. This could potentially undermine the credibility of the information presented in the article.


The article presents a limited range of email banner styles that are biased towards visual designs with minimal text. This may not be suitable for all businesses, especially those that rely heavily on text-based content.

In conclusion, while "Email Banner Size: What You Need to Know" provides useful insights into optimizing email banners for better engagement rates, it has some potential biases and missing points of consideration that readers should be aware of when using this information for their own email marketing strategies.