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1. Technical content writing is a great side hustle for programmers to explore, as it can help them better understand the subject and share their knowledge with others.

2. Building online products using ChatGPT can be a lucrative side hustle, as it can generate money and increase productivity.

3. Selling APIs is another way to make money, as developers can sell their APIs on platforms such as RapidAPI or directly to clients.

Article analysis:

The article “8 Stupidly Simple Programming Side Hustle That You Can Start in 2023 — No BS!” by Nitin Sharma provides an overview of three potential side hustles for programmers: technical content writing, building online products using ChatGPT, and selling APIs. The article is generally well-written and provides useful information about each of these side hustles. However, there are some areas where the article could be improved upon in terms of trustworthiness and reliability.

First, the article does not provide any evidence or sources to back up its claims about the potential earnings from each of these side hustles. While the author does mention his own experience with technical content writing, this is not enough to support the claim that all programmers will be able to make similar amounts of money from these activities. Additionally, while the author mentions that he has seen success with his own products built using ChatGPT, he does not provide any evidence that other people have had similar success with this platform or that it is a reliable source for generating income.

Second, the article does not discuss any potential risks associated with these side hustles or how they may affect a programmer’s career prospects in the long run. For example, while selling APIs may generate income in the short term, it may also limit a programmer’s ability to find full-time employment if they become too reliant on this type of work. Additionally, while technical content writing may help improve one’s understanding of a subject matter and build connections with other professionals in the field, it may also lead to burnout if done too frequently without proper rest periods between projects.

Finally, while the article does provide some useful information about each of these side hustles, it fails to explore any counterarguments or alternative perspectives on them. For example, while building online products using ChatGPT may be successful for some people, there are likely many others who have tried this approach but failed due to lack of resources or expertise in machine learning or web development. Additionally, while selling APIs may be profitable for some developers who have access to certain platforms such as RapidAPI or direct buyers for their services, there are likely many others who do not have access to such resources and thus cannot take advantage of this opportunity.

In conclusion, while “8 Stupidly Simple Programming Side Hustle That You Can Start in 2023 — No BS!” by Nitin Sharma provides useful information about three potential programming side hustles – technical content writing; building online products using ChatGPT; and selling APIs – there are several areas where its trustworthiness and reliability could be improved upon by providing more evidence for its claims and exploring alternative perspectives on these activities as well as their potential risks and benefits