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1. Formative assessment, particularly Assessment for Learning (AfL), has been on policy agendas internationally for decades, but implementation has proven to be challenging.

2. Definitions of formative assessment differ with respect to the specific roles of not only teachers but also students in the process as receivers, users, and providers of feedback.

3. AfL is an approach to formative assessment that occurs as part of ongoing classroom practices, viewed as a social and contextual event that focuses on the quality of the learning process and aims to foster student autonomy by helping students learn how to learn.

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第三,文章可能存在偏袒。它强调了“Assessment for Learning”(AfL)方法作为实现形成性评估的关键前提条件,并将其视为一个社会和环境事件。然而,在其他研究中也有其他方法被认为是有效的形成性评估方法。