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1. Trump's case of election interference is being proven by the actions of the [DS], including the FBI, CDC, FDA, fake news and corrupt politicians.

2. The house is now clean as those who were on committees are no longer in power.

3. The [DS] is trying to remove [JB] while protecting themselves, but they are falling into Trump's trap.

Article analysis:

The article appears to be biased in favor of Trump’s case of election interference and does not present both sides equally. It claims that Trump’s case is being proven by the actions of the [DS], without providing any evidence or exploring counterarguments. Furthermore, it fails to mention any potential risks associated with this claim or provide any context for why these entities may have acted in such a way. Additionally, there is a promotional link at the beginning of the article which could be seen as an attempt to influence readers’ opinions and distract from the content of the article itself. In conclusion, this article lacks credibility due to its one-sided reporting and lack of evidence for its claims, making it unreliable and untrustworthy.