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1. Online Olympiad events are held regularly on Saturdays, with participants solving easy problems from the UVa online site within a specific time frame.

2. Participants are encouraged to think about each problem for 7 minutes and policies for the week are announced in advance for selection during the online Olympiad.

3. The article provides analysis and tips for solving problems efficiently, such as checking residual mathematical calculations and dividing numbers recursively.

Article analysis:

The article appears to be a collection of announcements and updates related to online programming contests and olympiads organized by a teacher named Ts. Battogtoh. The content includes information about upcoming contests, rankings, and analysis of previous contests.

One potential bias in the article is the lack of diversity in the problems chosen for the online olympiads. The problems listed seem to be from a specific source (UVa site) and may not represent a wide range of difficulty levels or problem types. This could potentially limit the learning opportunities for participants and favor those who are already familiar with UVa problems.

The article also lacks evidence or detailed explanations for some of the claims made, such as the analysis of specific contest problems. Without more context or examples, it is difficult for readers to fully understand the reasoning behind certain strategies or solutions proposed by the teacher.

Additionally, there is a promotional tone throughout the article, with repeated mentions of upcoming contests and encouragement for participation. While promoting educational events is important, it is essential to provide balanced information and address any potential risks or challenges that participants may face.

Overall, the article could benefit from more balanced reporting, diverse problem selection, clearer explanations of contest analyses, and a more critical examination of potential biases or limitations in the organization of online programming contests.