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1. The choice between "show" and "display" depends on the context and action being performed.

2. Well-designed UIs can use standardized link decoration or buttons instead of explicitly using the terms "show" or "display".

3. Users tend to scan UI text rather than reading it, so it's important to be specific about the action being performed.

Article analysis:

The article discusses the choice between using the words "show" and "display" in a web application. The opinions expressed in the article are from various users on the User Experience Stack Exchange forum.

One user suggests that "show" is better for revealing or directing attention to something, while "display" is more passive. They provide definitions from the Macmillan online thesaurus to support their argument.

Another user agrees with this perspective and adds that well-designed UIs don't need to use these terms at all, as they can use standardized link decoration or buttons to indicate where more information can be found.

A different user argues that from a user's perspective, "show," "display," and "view" all mean the same thing. They suggest being specific about the action being performed because users tend to scan rather than read UI text.

One user states that as an English native speaker, they believe "show" is more commonly used on websites compared to "display." They provide an example of a jQuery feature called ".show()" as evidence.

Another user recommends using "Show capacity" in a mobile context and suggests using icons instead of text for better representation on small screens.

Overall, the article provides different perspectives on the choice between using "show" and "display." However, it lacks a comprehensive analysis of potential biases or sources of bias. It also does not explore counterarguments or present evidence for any claims made. Additionally, there is no mention of possible risks or considerations when making this choice in web app design.