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1. This study examined the physical match performance of professional soccer players to determine if it is position or player specific.

2. 25 players met the criteria for inclusion in the study, playing a minimum of eight matches in at least two different positions.

3. The physical match performance of these players was compared to normative data for each position they played, and 44-58% of the change in physical match performance could be explained by the positional data.

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The article “Match-related physical performance in professional soccer: Position or player specific?” is a well-researched and reliable source of information on the topic. The authors have provided sufficient evidence to support their claims and have presented both sides of the argument equally. The article is unbiased and does not contain any promotional content or partiality towards any particular side. Furthermore, all possible risks associated with this research are noted and discussed in detail. The authors have also explored counterarguments and provided evidence to support their claims. In conclusion, this article is trustworthy and reliable as it provides an objective view on the topic without any one-sided reporting or unsupported claims.