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1. The use of the myoblast cell line, specifically the mouse-derived C2C12 model, is important in understanding glucose metabolism, insulin signaling mechanisms, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species, and glucose transporters at cellular and molecular levels.

2. Recent studies using the C2C12 model have revealed the close relationship between insulin resistance and various metabolic diseases in terms of disease progression, pathogenesis, and therapeutic management. Efforts are being made to explore novel drug compounds and natural herbs that can elicit therapeutic effects at both cellular and molecular levels.

3. The features of the mouse-derived C2C12 model make it a valuable tool in pharmaceutical science and biomedical research for examining skeletal muscle metabolism and differentiation. It has been used to investigate drug- and natural compound-inducible responses of insulin signaling pathways and glucose uptake mechanisms as well as the impact of drug delivery systems on skeletal muscle.

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