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1. Model and designer Annalise Braakensiek posted on Facebook that she needs to suck in her stomach at the beach, but fans disagree and say she looks amazing.

2. At 41 years old, Annalise is a successful businesswoman who designs affordable bras and intimate wear for Big W department stores.

3. The article emphasizes the importance of women embracing and loving their bodies, while also striving to be fit and healthy like Annalise through regular yoga and swimming.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Fit, fab and forty, model designer Annalise Braakensiek tells Facebook fans her tummy doesn’t rock. Australia begs to differ" by Melissa Hoyer discusses the recent post made by model and underwear designer Annalise Braakensiek on her Facebook page. In the post, she mentions that she needs to remember to suck in her stomach next time she is at the beach. However, the author of the article argues that there is no need for Annalise to do so as she looks beautiful and fit.

While the article praises Annalise's beauty and success as a designer, it fails to provide any critical analysis of the issue at hand. The author does not explore why Annalise might feel insecure about her body or why she feels the need to suck in her stomach. Instead, the article focuses solely on praising Annalise's appearance and promoting her brand.

Furthermore, the article seems biased towards promoting a certain body type as desirable and attractive. The author repeatedly mentions how fit and healthy Annalise looks for her age and praises her for having a six-pack. This kind of language can be harmful as it reinforces unrealistic beauty standards and promotes body shaming.

Additionally, the article lacks evidence to support its claims about Annalise's success as a designer. While it mentions that her collections are instant sellouts at Big W department stores, there is no data or statistics provided to back up this claim.

Overall, this article appears to be more promotional than informative. It fails to provide any critical analysis of the issue at hand and instead focuses on promoting a certain body type as desirable while ignoring potential insecurities or issues surrounding body image.