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1. The importance of entrepreneurial behaviour has led scholars to recognize the significance of an entrepreneurial orientation (EO) in predicting firm performance.

2. This article examines the origins of EO in new ventures, theorizing that a new venture team's transactive memory system is a cognitive mechanism that spurs the development of an EO.

3. The study found that the transactive memory system of a new venture team enhanced their EO and that this relationship was positively influenced by intra-team trust, the structural organicity of a venture, and environmental dynamism.

Article analysis:

The article ‘Who Knows What?’ in New Venture Teams: Transactive Memory Systems as a Micro‐Foundation of Entrepreneurial Orientation’ by Dai (2016) is generally reliable and trustworthy. The author provides evidence for their claims through field studies conducted on high-tech new ventures in China, which adds credibility to their findings. Furthermore, they provide detailed explanations for how different factors such as intra-team trust, structural organicity, and environmental dynamism influence the relationship between transactive memory systems and EO.

However, there are some potential biases present in the article which could be addressed further. For example, while the author does mention counterarguments to their claims, they do not explore them in depth or provide evidence to support them. Additionally, while they discuss potential risks associated with developing an EO in new ventures, they do not provide any concrete strategies for mitigating these risks or managing them effectively.

In conclusion, this article is generally reliable and trustworthy but could benefit from further exploration into counterarguments and strategies for mitigating potential risks associated with developing an EO in new ventures.