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1. Project Veritas has uncovered documents from Pfizer showing that the COVID vaccine increases the risk of myocarditis, which has spiked in the 18-34 demographic over the past two years.

2. The vaccine was rushed to market and protected by a legal shield, with millions threatened with termination of employment or social ostracization if they refused to get vaccinated.

3. Big Pharma made billions in profits from the vaccine, despite potentially deadly side effects, and the government's credibility on COVID has degraded during this pandemic due to contradictory containment protocols.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Project Veritas Exposes What We've Suspected About the COVID Vaccine" presents a biased and one-sided view of the COVID-19 vaccine, relying on unsupported claims and missing evidence for its arguments. The author suggests that young Americans are dying from cardiac events due to the vaccine, but fails to provide any concrete evidence to support this claim.

The article heavily relies on Project Veritas' findings, which have been criticized for their lack of credibility and selective editing. The author also attacks Big Pharma and the government's handling of the pandemic without providing a balanced perspective or exploring counterarguments.

Furthermore, the article promotes a dangerous anti-vaccine narrative by downplaying the severity of COVID-19 and suggesting that those who recovered from the virus are just as protected as those who received the vaccine. This ignores the potential long-term health consequences of COVID-19 and undermines efforts to control its spread.

Overall, this article is not a reliable source of information on the COVID-19 vaccine and should be approached with caution. It presents a biased and incomplete view of the topic, relying on unsupported claims and ignoring important evidence.