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1. Democracy has been on a trend towards greater adoption since the late 18th century, but there has been a recent "democratic recession" in some countries.

2. African countries are grappling with the challenges of democratization and economic development, but demand for political freedoms remains high.

3. Democracy is important for development and a free and just society, despite historical criticisms and current flaws that need to be addressed.

Article analysis:

The article provides a brief history of democracy and its importance in Africa and development. However, it has some potential biases and missing points of consideration.

Firstly, the article presents a linear view of democracy's progress, with three waves of democratization. It fails to acknowledge that democracy is not a one-size-fits-all solution and that different countries have unique challenges in their democratic transitions. Additionally, the article does not explore the reasons behind the democratic recession since 1991 fully.

Secondly, while the article acknowledges that some argue for prioritizing development over democracy, it fails to provide evidence for why democracy is essential for development beyond Amartya Sen's argument about famine prevention. The article also does not address how authoritarian capitalism can achieve economic success while restricting individual freedoms.

Thirdly, the article presents a one-sided view of democracy as necessary for a free and just society without exploring counterarguments or acknowledging potential risks associated with democracy. For example, it does not address how majority rule can lead to tyranny or how liberal democracies can be susceptible to populism and polarization.

Finally, the article has promotional content towards Chatham House as an international affairs think tank without providing alternative perspectives or sources.

In conclusion, while the article provides some insights into democracy's importance, it has potential biases and missing points of consideration that limit its analysis.