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1. Cr-doped MgAl2O4 nanocrystals exhibit intense red-NIR emission and color tuning through defect centers and cation inversion.

2. Intrinsic defects play a role in blue-violet emission attributed to host lattice defects and red-NIR emission attributed to strong/weak ligand field octahedral Cr3+ sites.

3. The weak ligand field site emission dominates with an increase in doping concentration, allowing for color tuning from red-purple to bluish-purple and then to red upon UV/blue/green excitation.

Article analysis:

作为一篇科学研究论文,该文章并没有明显的偏见或宣传内容。然而,需要注意的是,该文章只探讨了Cr doped MgAl2O4纳米晶体在UV/blue/green激发下的发光性质,并未涉及其可能存在的风险或负面影响。此外,该文章也没有探讨其他可能影响其性能的因素,如温度、湿度等。因此,在将这些纳米晶体应用于实际场景时,需要进行更全面和深入的研究和评估。