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1. Baidu is licensed to provide internet religious information services.

2. Baidu has a medical device network information service record.

3. Baidu has a third-party platform record for medical device network transactions.

Article analysis:

The article is reliable and trustworthy as it provides valid license numbers and records from the Chinese government, which are necessary for any company providing such services in China. The article does not contain any promotional content or partiality, and all the claims made are supported by evidence provided in the form of license numbers and records. There are no missing points of consideration or counterarguments, as the article only provides factual information about Baidu's licenses and records. The article also does not present both sides equally, as it only focuses on Baidu's licenses and records rather than other companies' licenses and records. Furthermore, possible risks are noted in the form of license numbers and records, so that readers can be aware of them before using Baidu's services. In conclusion, this article is reliable and trustworthy due to its factual nature and lack of bias or promotional content.