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1. Shock response spectrum (SRS) is commonly used to characterize the shock effect on a series of SDOF oscillators in frequency domain and estimate its severity. However, it is difficult to specify the exact shock environment at component interface in terms of its acceleration-time history when SRS at equipment interface is known.

2. The European Cooperation for Space Standardisation (ECSS) has used the shock transmissibility between equipment and component interfaces obtained from sine sweep tests to determine the shock environment at component interface from the shock environment at equipment interface. However, this evaluation method relies mainly on rules-of-thumb and cannot be considered as a reliable method.

3. A low-pass-filter-based SRS (LPSRS) proposed in this paper can predict the shock environment at component interface with some basic modal information of the equipment structure. LPSRS method for shock transmissibility also provides a theoretical support for laboratory shock test, with which it is possible to use simple shocks to test stand-alone sensitive components, rather than testing the sensitive components on whole equipment.

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