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1. Solidity is a Turing-complete programming language used to develop smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, but developing correct and secure smart contracts is challenging due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain and potential vulnerabilities.

2. Existing works focus on analyzing and verifying smart contracts at the EVM bytecode level or through intermediate languages, but it is important to formally define the semantics of Solidity for programmers who write and reason about smart contracts at the source code level.

3. The proposed formal semantics for Solidity provides a specification for semantic-level security properties and defines correct and secure high-level execution behaviors of smart contracts to assist developers in writing secure contracts and reasoning about compiler bugs.

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另外,该文章也存在宣传内容和偏袒之嫌。例如,在介绍Smart Contracts时,作者只强调了其优点而忽略了其缺点;在介绍现有研究时,作者只列举了与自己观点相符合的研究而忽略了其他可能存在的研究。