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1. Felix wins the battle against High Chieftain Lokaka and becomes the Second Supreme.

2. Felix uses a dark red trident to destroy reality itself, leaving viewers and even the ten rulers stunned.

3. Elder Dragon is left furious and everyone starts betting on Felix's victory in future battles.

Article analysis:

The article is a chapter from the light novel "Supremacy Games" and describes a battle between two characters, Felix and High Chieftain Lokaka. The article is biased towards Felix, portraying him as an underdog who uses his intelligence and skills to defeat his opponent. The article also promotes the idea that Felix is unbeatable due to his unique abilities, which may not be supported by evidence or explored counterarguments.

The article lacks context and background information about the characters and their motivations, making it difficult for readers who are not familiar with the light novel to understand the significance of the battle. Additionally, the article contains promotional content for Light Novel Pub, urging readers to disable their ad-blockers.

Overall, while the article may be entertaining for fans of "Supremacy Games," it lacks objectivity and critical analysis.