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1. In an interview, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi defended himself against accusations over the 2002 riots, saying his government used its “full strength” to “do the right thing” and he had no guilty feeling.

2. He said people had the “right to be critical in a democracy,” but he did not have any guilty feeling.

3. Mr. Modi also contended that the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team had given him a clean chit.

Article analysis:

The article is written from a biased perspective, as it focuses solely on Narendra Modi's defense of himself against accusations over the 2002 riots without exploring any counterarguments or presenting both sides equally. The article does not provide any evidence for the claims made by Mr. Modi, such as his contention that he was given a clean chit by the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team, nor does it explore any potential risks associated with his statements or actions during this time period. Additionally, there is no mention of other perspectives or opinions on this issue, which could provide valuable insight into how different people view this situation and what they believe should be done about it. Furthermore, there is no discussion of possible solutions or ways to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. In conclusion, while this article provides some information about Narendra Modi's views on the 2002 riots in Gujarat, it fails to present a balanced and comprehensive picture of the situation due to its lack of evidence and exploration of alternative perspectives.