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1. Contact centers should use key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their success and ensure they are meeting customer needs.

2. The selection of KPIs should be tailored to the specific goals and objectives of each department within the contact center.

3. Important contact center KPIs include average time to answer, average abandonment rate, first call resolution, transfer rate, average handle time, average hold time, average idle time, percentage of calls blocked, phone etiquette, adherence to procedures, rate of absent agents, and rate of agent turnover.

Article analysis:

The article titled "12 Key Contact Center KPIs" provides an overview of important metrics that contact center managers can use to measure the success of their operations. While the article offers some valuable information, there are a few potential biases and shortcomings to consider.

One potential bias in the article is its promotion of Lifesize's CxEngage cloud contact center solutions. The article repeatedly mentions Lifesize as a solution for improving customer service and exceeding customer experience expectations. This promotional content may lead readers to question the objectivity of the information provided.

Additionally, the article focuses primarily on metrics that measure efficiency and productivity, such as average time to answer, average handle time, and adherence to procedures. While these metrics are important for evaluating contact center performance, they do not provide a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction or overall quality of service. The article could benefit from discussing additional metrics that capture these aspects.

Furthermore, the article does not explore potential counterarguments or alternative perspectives on the importance of certain KPIs. For example, it assumes that first call resolution is always desirable without considering situations where follow-up calls may be necessary for complex issues. Including a discussion of different viewpoints would provide a more balanced analysis.

The article also lacks evidence or data to support some of its claims. For instance, it states that favorable handle times are directly linked to caller satisfaction and customer retention but does not provide any research or studies to back up this assertion. Including supporting evidence would strengthen the credibility of the claims made.

Another limitation is that the article does not address potential risks or challenges associated with measuring and using these KPIs. For example, focusing too heavily on average handle time may incentivize agents to rush through calls without adequately addressing customer needs. Discussing these risks would provide a more well-rounded perspective on implementing KPIs in contact centers.

Overall, while the article provides an introduction to key contact center KPIs, it has potential biases towards promoting Lifesize's solutions and lacks a comprehensive analysis of the topic. Readers should approach the information with caution and seek additional sources to gain a more balanced understanding of contact center performance measurement.