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1. Wang Nuannuan, a pregnant woman who was pushed off a cliff by her husband in Thailand, suffered 17 fractures and lost her unborn child, career, and health. She underwent multiple surgeries and rehabilitation training for over three years before finally standing up again around the Spring Festival in 2023.

2. Yu Moudong, Wang Nuannuan's husband, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Thai court in the first instance for attempted murder but had his sentence commuted to ten years in prison by the court of second instance. Wang Nuannuan is still waiting for the final result of the criminal case trial in Thailand before filing for divorce and claiming compensation through a civil lawsuit.

3. Despite everything she has been through, Wang Nuannuan still believes in love and marriage but acknowledges that her flash marriage with Yu Moudong was extremely risky due to her negligence in researching him thoroughly. She hopes that others can learn from her experience and manage their relationships well by treating each other well.

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