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1. Visual Studio Code has released a Java Debugger extension to provide access to IntelliSense functionality.

2. The Java Extension package includes Language Support for Java™ and the new Java Debugger.

3. Features of the debugger include Launch/Attach, Breakpoints, Control Flow, Data inspection, Diagnostics, and Debug Console.

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The article is generally reliable and trustworthy in its reporting of the news that Visual Studio Code has released a Java Debugger extension. It provides clear information on the features of the debugger and how to install it in VS Code. The article does not appear to be biased or one-sided in its reporting of this news, as it simply states facts about the release without any opinionated language or promotion of any particular product or service. Furthermore, there are no unsupported claims made in the article; all statements are backed up with evidence from the VS Code blog post that was referenced at the end of the article. Additionally, there are no missing points of consideration or counterarguments presented in this article as it is simply reporting on a news item without exploring any potential risks associated with using this new extension or presenting both sides equally. Therefore, overall this article can be considered reliable and trustworthy in its reporting on Visual Studio Code's release of a Java Debugger extension.