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1. The Indian two-wheeler market has 77 bikes under 5 lakh from different brands.

2. Yamaha R15 V4, Royal Enfield Classic 350, and KTM 390 Duke are the most popular bikes in this price range.

3. Customers can compare prices, specifications, and reviews on BikeDekho and renew their bike insurance with InsuranceDekho to save up to 75%.

Article analysis:

The article titled "Best Bikes Under 5 Lakh in India - 2023 Price, Offers" provides a list of popular bikes under the price range of 5 lakh in India. The article mentions that there are 77 new products available from different two-wheeler brands, and among them, Yamaha R15 V4, Royal Enfield Classic 350, and KTM 390 Duke are the most popular ones.

However, the article seems to be biased towards certain brands as it only mentions a few popular models from specific brands such as Yamaha, Royal Enfield, KTM, Bajaj, Kawasaki, and Honda. There is no mention of other popular brands such as Hero MotoCorp or Suzuki.

Moreover, the article lacks evidence for some of its claims. For instance, it claims that Yamaha R15 V4 is one of the best bikes under 5 lakh without providing any supporting evidence or data. Similarly, it states that Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a cruiser bike without mentioning any other cruiser bikes available in this price range.

Furthermore, the article seems to have promotional content as it repeatedly encourages readers to select models they are interested in and get their bike insurance renewed using InsuranceDekho Bike premium calculator. This could potentially lead to readers feeling pressured into purchasing insurance from a specific company.

Additionally, the article does not present both sides equally as it only lists the positive aspects of each bike without mentioning any potential risks or drawbacks associated with them. For example, while discussing Royal Enfield Himalayan's features and specifications, there is no mention of its reported issues with engine noise and vibrations.

In conclusion, while the article provides useful information about popular bikes under 5 lakh in India and their prices and offers, it has potential biases towards certain brands and lacks evidence for some of its claims. It also contains promotional content and does not present both sides equally. Therefore readers should approach this information with caution and conduct further research before making any purchasing decisions.