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Source: minzhuzhongguo.org
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1. Wen Tiejun's remarks discriminate against farmers: The author expresses concerns about Wen Tiejun, an agricultural expert who has been praised for his work in building a socialist countryside. However, the author argues that some of Wen Tiejun's remarks clearly discriminate against farmers.

2. Wen Tiejun's changing views and influence: The author notes that while Wen Tiejun has gained popularity and influence in recent years, his views have changed from praising Jiang Zemin's "capital economy" to supporting the so-called "New Deal." The author also highlights how Wen Tiejun has won awards and expanded his influence in rural construction.

3. Mr. Wen's development strategy discriminates against farmers: The author points out that Wen Tiejun affirms a development strategy that discriminates against farmers, emphasizing China's reliance on cheap labor as its only comparative advantage and supporting export advantages based on this. The author criticizes this strategy as discriminatory towards farmers and detrimental to sustainable development.

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