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1. The drama series “Opening the Right Way to Life” is currently airing and has a steady viewership. Despite its star-studded cast, it has received low ratings on Douban with a score of 4.6.

2. The show tackles various real-life topics such as workplace relationships, emotional entanglements, parenting, and generational conflicts. It uses light comedy to address the heaviness of middle age life while finding solace and strength in laughter.

3. The show highlights the unique ability of middle-aged people to cope with external disturbances through its portrayal of protagonist Bian Liang's struggles with his ex-girlfriend, work promotion, and family issues.

Article analysis:

This article provides an overview of the Chinese drama series “Opening the Right Way to Life” which is currently airing on Youku platform. The article is generally reliable in terms of providing information about the show’s premise and its star-studded cast, as well as discussing some of the topics addressed in the show such as workplace relationships, emotional entanglements, parenting, and generational conflicts. However, there are some potential biases that should be noted when reading this article.

First, there is a lack of evidence for some claims made in this article such as the low rating on Douban (4.6). While this rating may be accurate at the time of writing this article, it could have changed since then without being mentioned in the article itself. Additionally, there is no discussion about any counterarguments or alternative perspectives that could be taken regarding these topics which could lead to a one-sided reporting of events or ideas presented in this show.

Furthermore, there is also a lack of exploration into possible risks associated with watching this show such as potential moral implications or messages that viewers may take away from it which could lead to partiality or promotional content within this article. Finally, both sides are not presented equally throughout this article; instead it focuses mainly on positive aspects rather than exploring any potential drawbacks or criticisms that viewers may have towards this show which could lead to an incomplete understanding of its overall reception by audiences.