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1. ChatGPT is not a replacement for virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

2. Chatbots are more about talking, while virtual assistants are geared toward doing tasks like setting reminders and playing music.

3. While ChatGPT is good at creative writing tasks, it still has limitations in terms of accessing real-time information and performing certain actions.

Article analysis:

The article "Why ChatGPT Is Not a Replacement for Siri and Google Assistant" by How-To Geek provides a critical analysis of the capabilities of AI chatbots like ChatGPT compared to virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. The author argues that while chatbots are impressive in their ability to generate human-like responses, they are not designed to perform tasks that require action, such as setting reminders or playing music.

The article presents several examples of questions asked to both ChatGPT and virtual assistants, highlighting the differences in their abilities. However, the author's bias towards virtual assistants is evident in the way they frame the comparison. For instance, when discussing the question "What's the temperature?", the author notes that Google Assistant and Siri provide accurate answers while ChatGPT cannot access real-time information. However, they fail to acknowledge that this is because virtual assistants have access to location data, which ChatGPT does not.

Similarly, when discussing ChatGPT's inability to set reminders, the author implies that this is a major flaw in its design. However, they fail to consider that setting reminders requires integration with other apps and services on a device, which may not be possible for an AI language model like ChatGPT.

The article also highlights some of ChatGPT's strengths, such as its ability to write recipes and perform creative writing tasks. However, these are presented as niche use cases rather than significant advantages over virtual assistants.

Overall, while the article provides some useful insights into the differences between chatbots and virtual assistants, it suffers from a bias towards virtual assistants and a lack of consideration for the limitations of AI language models like ChatGPT.