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1. A gunman opened fire at a Los Angeles-area ballroom dance studio following a Lunar New Year celebration, killing 10 people and injuring 10 more.

2. The suspect is still at large and authorities are investigating the possibility that he entered a second dance hall nearby about 30 minutes later.

3. The shooting happened in the heart of downtown Monterey Park during Lunar New Year festivities, which had attracted tens of thousands throughout the day.

Article analysis:

The article is generally reliable and trustworthy as it provides detailed information on the shooting incident in Monterey Park, California, including the number of casualties, descriptions of the scene, and from local authorities. It also includes quotes from witnesses to provide further insight into what happened. However, there are some potential biases in the article that should be noted. For example, it does not explore any possible counterarguments or present both sides equally; instead it focuses solely on providing information about the shooting incident itself without delving into any potential causes or motivations for it. Additionally, there is no mention of possible risks associated with such incidents or how they can be prevented in future. Furthermore, while the article does provide some background information on Monterey Park's Lunar New Year celebrations, it does not go into much detail about them or their significance to the community. Finally, while there is no promotional content in this article per se, its focus on providing details about the shooting incident could be seen as sensationalizing violence rather than exploring its root causes or implications for society as a whole.