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1. The Apple Vision Pro headset is missing key features such as fitness and health apps, compatibility with the Apple Watch, and haptic feedback.

2. The headset primarily runs iPad-type apps and works as a monitor-extending device with Macs, but does not interface directly with iPhones, iPads or the Apple Watch.

3. There are currently no dedicated physical peripherals for creative work in VR and AR on the Vision Pro, but this may change as more creative apps arrive on the headset in 2024.

Article analysis:

The article "Apple Vision Pro's Biggest Missing Pieces" by CNET provides a critical analysis of Apple's latest VR/AR headset, the Vision Pro. The author highlights some of the missing features that could make the device more useful and flexible for everyone.

One of the main criticisms is that the Vision Pro lacks fitness and health apps, which is surprising given Apple's focus on these areas with its Apple Watch and Fitness Plus subscription workouts. The author suggests that Apple could fuse VR, AR, fitness, and health to take the experience beyond what Meta has done with its Quest 2 headset.

Another criticism is that the Vision Pro does not work with iPhones, iPads, or the Apple Watch directly. While it can be used as a monitor-extending device with Macs, it does not interface seamlessly with all of Apple's products. The author argues that touchscreens and motion controls could help these devices act as remotes or physical-feedback devices.

The article also notes that the Vision Pro lacks haptic feedback, which could enhance the immersive experience. While pinch-based hand tracking technically has some physical sensation when fingers touch each other, nothing will buzz or tap to let users know something is happening beyond their field of view.

Overall, the article provides a balanced critique of the Vision Pro's missing features and potential limitations. However, it should be noted that some of these criticisms are speculative since the device is not expected to arrive until 2024. Additionally, while there may be valid concerns about missing features or compatibility issues, it is important to consider whether they are essential for every user or if they are simply nice-to-have additions.

In terms of bias or partiality, there does not appear to be any overt promotion of competing products or services. However, there may be some implicit bias towards certain features or use cases based on personal preferences or assumptions about what users want from a VR/AR headset.

Overall, this article provides a useful analysis of the Vision Pro's missing pieces and potential limitations, but readers should approach it with a critical eye and consider their own needs and preferences when evaluating the device.