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1. ChatGPT will now use Bing as its built-in search data provider, giving users access to more up-to-date information.

2. ChatGPT is developed and hosted on Azure, Microsoft's cloud Developer platform, which offers unique features for AI computation.

3. Azure AI Studio is a newly announced tool that lets developers "ground" conversational AI models in their own data, allowing for more relevant chatbot responses.

Article analysis:

The article discusses Microsoft's announcement that ChatGPT will now use Bing as its built-in search data provider, which will provide users with more up-to-date information. The author notes that while some users may prefer Google, the integration of Bing is a significant upgrade for ChatGPT. However, the article does not explore any potential biases or limitations of using Bing as the default search engine.

The article also highlights Microsoft's Azure cloud platform and its unique features, such as supporting Nvidia technologies that boost AI computation. The author notes that Azure is committed to becoming carbon-negative by 2030 but does not mention any potential risks or criticisms of Microsoft's environmental goals.

Additionally, the article discusses new tools and services announced at Build 2023, including Azure AI Studio and Azure AI Content Safety. While these tools are presented as positive developments for developers and users, the article does not explore any potential drawbacks or limitations of these services.

Overall, the article presents a largely promotional view of Microsoft's announcements at Build 2023 without exploring potential biases or limitations. The author also does not present counterarguments or alternative perspectives on these developments.